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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cleaning machine

Continuing the 'cleaning up' theme, periodically, the city sends mechanical street sweepers along the streets. They have water sprays and metal brushes they use to sweep the street near the curb. There's a large roller brush that picks up the debris and sweeps it into a bin in front. That bin is periodically emptied into a dump truck, and the water tank replenished at a fire hydrant. It's very maneuverable, as the steering is done by a single wheel in the rear. Watching it pivot neatly around parked cars is amazing.

It was quite coincidental that the street sweeper ran down my street just as I was leaving for work this morning! Thank you for making my little part nicer! Now I can rollerblade in the street again without tripping over all those small stones :-)


  1. Wow, just a few blocks down and around the corner from me!

    It's nice to see some photos from around our town.

  2. It's a small world! Thanks for commenting!


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