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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

4 alarm fire

Last night around supper time we saw billowing clouds of dark smoke. From here, it seemed as if the corner store was on fire. Walking down there, it was clear that the store was OK, but the building on the south side of State Street was not.

This same building, the former White House Flea Market, had a smaller fire several weeks ago, and was boarded up. Tonight, the attached house was on fire, and it spread.

At least four units were called to the fire: Schenectady 1 and 2, Stanford Heights (Niskayuna) and Carman. There were 3 ladder trucks, like the one in the photo as well as 2 pumpers. Fire crews are still on the scene this morning.

Very fortunately, all the involved buildings were abandoned or unoccupied, so no one was hurt. Arson is suspected.

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