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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The claw!

Well, it's actually a bucket on a backhoe, but that didn't sound as funny when I wrote it!  This is in Vale, at the eastern pond.  They've drained it quite a lot - about all that's left is the actual Cowhorn Creek itself.  This a backhoe is part of a group of construction machines down in the pond doing work.  I can't quite tell what they are doing; it seems as though they are either adding or repairing a sewer line.  They've added a path - almost like a road - down in the pond itself, below the previous water line and put sewer manhole covers down the middle of it.

In my eagerness to explore, I walked all over the muddy bottom of the pond.  It was frozen solid after a month of cold temperatures, so it wasn't a problem.  Well, until I found a spot that wasn't quite as frozen as the rest and my left foot sank in up to mu shin!  Oops.  The really good news is that my boots really are waterproof, which is a blessing because I wouldn't have been happy to walk home in freezing wet boots.

F Number5.6
Lens IDLUMIX G VARIO 14-45mm F3.5-5.6
Focal Length24.0 mm (35 mm equivalent: 48.0 mm)
Exposure Time1/125
Exposure ProgramManual
Exposure Compensation0
FlashOff, Did not fire

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