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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Early morning forager

The leaves are all off this maple tree, but the seeds aren't, and the squirrels are out in force. It's pretty amazing how well they hang onto the branches and eat at the same time. It's sort of crazy to stand under them and have the discarded maple wings fall down all round you.


  1. Blog hopping and found your blog. . . . great pics. . . we have squirrels going "nuts" over the pecans . . . . those little devils take them green. . . . break small branches to get to the pecans. . . pesky little things.

  2. no maple trees here but we do have squirrels - one destroyed our wooden shed a few years back.

    re your note on my site, kiwi was referring to my response to a post on her Hania site.

  3. The squirrels are all out in full force here too. Aren't they amazing the way they can jump from limb to limb without missing? Or at least I hope they never miss!


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