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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

It's Election Day, the day Americans get to choose their leaders for the next couple of years. Not just the President, but all the local leaders like our county legislature, state Senate and Assembly, Federal Congressmen and Senators, local and state judges - there are so many layers of leaders to elect!

I was going to post a photo of the campaign signs that have sprouted out of so many lawns and intersections, but I bet many US CDP sites will do that. Then I thought about a photo of all the mail I got, some extolling the virtues of one candidate, some describing how vile his opponent is. Whilst arranging that shot, I came across this unique mailing. The stern looking gent is none other than Uncle Sam himself, the allegorical image of patriotism. Used in many patriotic banners and posters, the classic image is this poster for recruiting in the US Army in WW I. Here is a little bit about Uncle Sam, although it doesn't mention that 'Uncle Sam' Wilson was located in nearby Troy, NY.

Anyway, I saw this one and had to show it to you. I thought it creative compared to the rest of the lot.

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