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Friday, May 15, 2009

Fair winds and following seas...

I've been away for a bit and this is the reason why. There is a connection to the area. Current US submarines are nuclear powered - that is, they use a nuclear reactor to make steam (to make electricity, not bombs) - and the research facility for naval reactors is quite close to my house. Additionally, the Navy has a reactor prototype facility about a half hour away. A fair number of Navy submariners are in the area, despite being some 200 miles from the sea.

My oldest is a sailor in the US Navy, and his submarine is deploying, so I took a trip to say hello and goodbye. It's a very bittersweet moment. I watched for a long, long time.

Fair winds and following seas.


  1. Without the submarine that could be here. Bittersweet moment, we understand. Safe passage to your son.

  2. Aww. He'll return and it'll be a very sweet moment!

  3. Bon voyage & safe return to your boy! Congratulations, Papa! (I think nuclear-powered subs are not allowed in NYHarbor, but I can't find that info...)

  4. I don't recall ever hearing of port visits to NY City by a nuclear vessel; that would be an interesting research project. I know that NS Savannah was built in Camden and was in operation in the 1960s. I would assume the reactor was powered up when she left for sea trials. I wonder if she ever made regular calls at NYC?

    Hopefully, my son will be back home in the autumn; that will be a very happy day!


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