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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chives in bloom

I don't normally think about the beauty of flowering herbs or vegetables, but if there's anything that my fellow photographers have taught me, it's that beauty is all around us.

These chive blossoms are such an unusual colour - they stand out among the greens in the vegetable garden. These are probably the last of the blue flowers until the chicory blooms n August.

If you have chives, pluck the blossoms and put them in a jar of white vinegar for a week or two. You'll end up with a gently scented vinegar that has just a touch of purple colour. Strain the flowers out before it gets too strong. Merci beaucoup, Hélène!


  1. It is always so fun to learn the English name of things in Swedish this flower is called graslok and you have 2 dotts over both the a and the o!

    Programmer, like my husband.

    You liked my sky photo and that made me happy.

    /Maria Berg, Sweden

  2. I too like chives, both for the herb and also for the really nice flowers. Nice photo and explanation.

  3. Chives, Mint, and many others have beautiful blooms.

    You probably don't remember when people lived and died at home and endured wakes. I wrote about it here.


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