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Monday, June 1, 2009

Theme day - feet

It's Theme Day again for the City Daily Photo blogger community and this month's theme is Feet.

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I discovered I didn't take a lot of photos of feet, but went back in time to find this shot of the dogs getting a treat. Femme (the large dog) has very large, web-toed feet, and they're all too often resting on mine!

While not overly artistic, this is a pretty typical scene in our house. I'm not sure if Spot the cat has the dogs believing they are cats, or whether he just doesn't care! At any rate, there's no frenzy here; everybody waits their turn.

Do stop in and have a look at the great photos from round the world at the City Daily Photo portal!


  1. Nice feet. Good shot foer theme day. Doggy paws. MB

  2. Such well-behaved pets you have! And a lovely, loving choice for theme day!

  3. Got to be contenders for the cutest feet.

  4. Lots of great doggy feet. Lovely choice for today. I too posted a dog's foot (paw) on Menton today.

  5. There is one thing about a dogs foot that I really like and that is the smell. Oh my. It is like heaven.

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