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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Manx flag

The Celtic Faire was located downtown, on Jay Street. Jay Street has been closed to auto traffic, and is now pedestrian only. There are many shops and boutiques there, and the street is lined with flags.

This flag has some particular significance for me, as it carries the trinacria - the three-legged symbol you can barely make out here. Sometimes called the triskelion, it is known in two places - the Isle of Man, and Sicily. My grandfather immigrated to the United States from Sicily, so the trinacria has a special meaning for me.

I have no idea why the Manx Flag was flying that day, but it made me smile to see it. It might make Babooshka smile, too.

On a housekeeping note, apologies to commenters, as I haven't yet caught up from my offline domestic chores enough to catch up on my digital chores! I appreciate all your remarks and will make a honest effort to catch up soon!!

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