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Friday, August 21, 2009

Airport window

The Albany International Airport has artistic works in many places. This window is one of them. This one is Flying Fishes by Lillian Mulero
Digital print on vinyl applied to the window. The accompanying card reads: 'A Flying Fish darts through both sea and sky in this work that transforms our view to an aquarium of great proportions. The massive silver bodies of planes and fish overlap against the blue of air and water in this visual pun meant to cleverly delight and displace.'

It's beautiful.


  1. That's brilliant! I love windows that are just a bit more interesting than usual! The flying/swimming fish in air/water are great! Lovely picture.

  2. They described it perfectly--delight and displacement are exactly what I feel when I look at that! And perhaps a bit of confusion as well...

  3. Ha ha... Just like my 'aquarium'! :-)


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