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Sunday, August 9, 2009


I went downtown to the Greenmarket yesterday and spent some time browsing through local produce, meats, cheeses and wines. Crafters were there too, and a very nice guitarist. Downtown on Jay St, near City Hall. On my way there, I saw this chicory plant growing out of the sidewalk. These blue flowers tend to grow at the sides of highways, but they can be found pretty much anywhere that full sun is available.


  1. The lamp post (?) is already striking but the chicory makes it even more lovely! I hope they let it stay.

  2. And it's probably considered a weed?

  3. Yes it's considered a weed, and mercilessly mowed down by the roadside. But it's a very tough, fibrous plant and not easily pulled by hand, so if they catch hold in a space like this, they tend to stay there. No matter how often they are cut or mowed, they always grow back from the root.


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