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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Theme Day - Doorways

On the first day of the month, many of the City Daily Photo blogs post a photo based on a common theme. This months theme is doorways.

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This particular doorway was serendipity. I was waiting in the car for my wife to finish a bit of shopping and I saw the sign but could not read it. So I picked up the camera, zoomed in and found my theme day doorway.

I actually planned to post a macro of my eye (doorway to the soul?) but this is more interesting. The text reads:

Please go to back door
Remove shoes and shelf them
Wash or sanitize hands
Thank you

There is a story behind that sign, behind that door but I do not know it. I hope everyone there is well and wish them the best.


  1. Golly it is a bit off-putting, isn't it? Maybe they are wary of the H1N1 virus. Or maybe someone in the house already has swineflu.

    Terrific choice for the Theme.

  2. that is classic. great eye to capture this one.

  3. Ha! I love signs-on-doors, some of them are strange. Like this one! The residents must be very worried about those shoe/hand germs.

    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  4. ah brilliant - "shelf them" cracks me up - here that means put them in the bin (garbage) - I presume here it means put them in a shoe-rack storage shelf.

  5. This theme day was really about doors - I just loved seeing the variety of sizes and shapes. Incredible!


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