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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I've got my eye on you!

We were out playing and I snapped this quick one. OK, I was shoveling and he was playing. He built a snow fort and stood ready to defend it from all evildoers. Like a parent. Who just might be dumping shovels full of heavy snow near to his fortress... Hmmm.


  1. yes, he's almost smiling but his sideways glance seems very, very fierce..ready to defend his fort.
    there is still much snow in your country. Here to day more fog.
    thank you for your nice comment.

  2. Howdy Buck and thanks for popping in to Adelaide DP.

    I notice a great lot of white stuff in yours and other northern hemisphere blogs !!

    I will have to do some research to determine what it could be. Down-under down here we are having pretty warm weather by comparisn. It only got to 106.5 F. today.

    Also it was fascinating that the same person encouraged us both to start blogging. As coincidence would have it, I have just phoned the man in Paris to sing happy birthday !

    Nice to have met you, Sir.



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