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Friday, January 29, 2010

Skywatch Friday

Last weekend, I was playing radio in the car, driving from hilltop to hilltop, trying to talk to as many people as possible (it was a contest.) The object in the foreground is one of the antennas sticking out over the hood of the car. The Moon was irresistible!

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  1. I agree it was irresistible. I'm sure I would have been trying to frame a similar shot had I been there!

  2. What an interesting and different shot of the sky, moon and antenna. It amazes me how many neat and lovely sights you can see on Sky Watch.

  3. Hey Fellow New Yorker! Thanks for visiting my page. You know I never even noticed the inspection sticker in the photo - my eye was seeing the road. My last one was loose too, so I guess I have become so immune to it, I don't notice it anymore!

    Cool picture - I love this time of year when the moon is visible during the day!


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