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Friday, July 9, 2010

Skywatch Friday

We've been suffering from a heat wave this past week with temperatures hovering near 100F (37C) the whole time. The sun keeps beating down, even through clouds.

A group of photobloggers post a photo of their skies each Friday - it's called Skywatch Friday. Click the link to see photos from round the world.


  1. Nice cloud formations, gray, white and blue skies, lovely to look at!

  2. I like how you didn't disguise the telephone lines. They are part of our views every day! Lucious sky!

  3. Hope the heat breaks soon, great photo!

  4. Same here in MI, thankfully it rained yesterday it does cool off a bit. Happy weekend!


  5. You are hot in the northern hemisphere, and we are freezing in the South. I just had an argument with my husband. I proposed my sister's argument, what is the point of going to space when they could do research on making the world a more comfortable place to live in.


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