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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Festival of the Belly Button

In our first Festival for 2013, contributors are encouraged to reflect: to look back; and, to look within. To do some navel gazing. The 'Festival of the Belly Button' requires some reflective introspection.
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What have I learnt?  Not enough!  I still avoid photos of people, and that's something I intend to work on.  But this pair of photos does illustrate a change for me.  The top photo is a tree, gnawed by a beaver.  It's a vertical tree, dead centre of the image, surrounded by vertical trees with a very cluttered background.  The bottom photo is icicles hanging off of my house.  Still lots of vertical, but now they're not dead centre.  The background is less cluttered - depth of field helps.  Wish I'd hid the telephone pole behind one of the icicles though.
I'm not much of an omphalopsychite.


  1. A new word for my collection... I love watching your photos change over time. I log in every morning to look for one to get me through my day ^.^

  2. Festival of the Belly Button...I thought it was gonna be about lint collections. Guess I need more coffee this morning!

  3. I learned to follow the rule of third and
    giving depth definitely makes photos more interesting.

  4. those icicles are making me wince - our first snowfall of the year has just arrived.

  5. Yes, just one step to the left would have done the trick, Buck. I do that a lot - hide things behind other elements I find essential.

    You are spot on with your personal critique. It is such an obvious thing to line up the focus of the image to be in the exact centre, and yet so exciting when you start to experiment with the off-centre.

    Perspecive - and its buddy, depth of field - are engrossing elements to play with. I am working to incorporate both of them into later festivals this year.

    Many thanks for participating in this our first portal Festival, Buck.

  6. well done, big difference! i'm scared to take pics of people still but i actually have a people picture post today :D


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