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Monday, April 1, 2013

Monthly theme day - Pedestrians crossing

On the first of the month, the City Daily Photo community suggests a theme for all of us to interpret.  This month, the theme is Pedestrians Crossing.  Please click on the link to see the wonderful photos interpreting this theme from round the world!

I found this theme to be somewhat challenging.  I don't often take photos of people, and when I do, I feel... funny about posting them online.  I realise this is irrational - they can see I have a camera, they can see it up to my eye, they know I'm taking photos, and yet I still feel uneasy about posting them.  Thankfully, Eric came to my rescue with an idea that many in the community have dubbed 'The Tenin Technique' - putting the camera down low; practically on the floor.  Now that I had a way to photograph pedestrians in a way that wouldn't impinge on their privacy, I needed to find some pedestrians!

That isn't as easy as it might seem.  Schenectady in late winter is not a place where people spend a lot of time outdoors.  Sure, I could probably search through some older photographs to see if I'd inadvertently taken photos of pedestrians, but given my proclivity for nature photos that seemed unlikely to succeed.  So, I went to the one place I knew that would be crowded - the downtown Greenmarket in the Proctors building.

The layout of this building is a bit unusual by modern standards.  There is a long hallway called the Arcade which connects Proctors theatre and the small shops located in the same building.  Behind those shops, opposite Proctors, is a large open space called Robb Alley.  This is where the Greenmarket sets up on Sundays in the winter.

Here, people are crossing from the Arcade, the hallway, into Robb Alley, the room.  Pedesrians, crossing.

F Numberunrecorded
LensMinolta MD 50mm f/1.4
Focal Length50.0 mm
Exposure Time1/160
Exposure ProgramManual
Exposure Compensation0
FlashOff, Did not fire


  1. Well done on meeting those challenges - your already intriguing photo is all the better for the backstory!

  2. i like the way you photographed them..they are anonymous...i too don't like to photograph people...i'm afraid i'll get yelled at ;)

  3. Nicely done will keeping the pedestrians anonymous. It gives it an interesting energy too!

  4. Ha, I admire how you worked out a place and a way for getting something for this theme day!
    I'm the "do unto others" type, so I also don't believe in taking pictures of strangers (except in stealth mode). Your "off with their heads" is a good solution for publishing such shots.
    Flowers are much more cooperative subjects. :)

  5. Nice job, Buck. A very creative solution indeed. The laws in France are very strict regarding people's privacy...that is a result of the paparazzi here. So one has to be very careful...especially when children may be in the frame. Anyway, keep up the good work, and thanks for the warm welcome to the CDP community.

  6. I think we can too wary of photographing people sometimes - I've had more occasions of folk being thrilled to find themselves on one of my posts than being annoyed.

  7. Off with their heads or through blurred vision (as in my posting) - both work to keep pedestrians anonymous, right?

  8. Very nice photo, Buck! I like the Tenin Technique. Makes for some fun, shots!


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