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Monday, September 30, 2013

Theme day - Details

On the first of the month, the City Daily Photo blogging community members choose a common theme that we then post our interpretation of.  This month, the theme was DetailsClick the link to see all the amazing interpretations of this month's theme!

As for me, like most of the theme days, this stretched my comfort zone.  I had literally no idea what to post until out cat Savannah decided to pose, and then all became clear.  Well, not exactly.  She's an indoor cat, a rescue, and she doesn't go outdoors (although she's been known to sneak out from time to time.)  That means taking her portrait indoors.

I haven't got a studio.  No umbrellas, no multiple flashes, no klieg lights.  I have regular fluorescent swirly lamps that screw into Edison sockets.  I could use the on-camera flash, but that tends to flatten the image.  So I started shooting.  Handheld, since Savannah's patience only lasts so long and then she wanders elsewhere.  And so, I made my own luck by managing an indoor shot that wasn't blurry from my hand shake.  Or the cat moving.  Or the autofocus finding a bizarre spot to make razor sharp.  I did shoot in in RAW and crop it in SilkyPix.  I kind of like how it turned out.  There's a lot of detail in her face!

F Number5.6
Lens IDLUMIX G VARIO 14-45mm F3.5-5.6
Focal Length45.0 mm (35 mm equivalent: 90.0 mm)
Exposure Time1/13
Exposure ProgramProgram AE
Exposure Compensation0
FlashOff, Did not fire


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