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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Moonrise, through the trees. It's about 30F, which is warm for the past few weeks, and I saw the moon coming up behind those trees and decided to try the camera out under these conditions.

On a tripod, I liked this best of the two dozen I took. It's F4.0, 8 seconds exposure. The house is illuminated by the street lamp across the way. I notice some strange artifacts like the green flash, but I think it adds to the mystery of it all!


  1. I find this shot really soothing, quiet, and a little mysterious.
    You know that if you want to write a text about the photo I post (the little house ) you can . You put the photo on your blog and go on!!!

  2. So eerie and lovely! Almost makes me want to howl :D

  3. It is a nice shot. I always think I'm going to get out the tripod...and then I never do!

  4. This is a gorgeous haunting image


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