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Friday, February 6, 2009

Skywatch Friday

Yes, it's another informal, unofficial Skywatch Friday here in Schenectady. Follow the link to see what the more dedicated bloggers are posting today!

This is somewhat misleading. My current sky isn't very photogenic, so I'm posting a photo from one that is! This tree lost several large limbs in the ice storm we had earlier in the year. Yes, the sky does actually show up blue in this area and here's the photographic evidence to prove it!

The good news is that the weather is supposed to get better - above freezing - this weekend and maybe I'll be able to get out and refill the photo inventory.


  1. Really striking composition and the sky is a gorgeous blue.

  2. Wow, the sky is beautiful, hoping it really comes your way soon.

  3. your last posts are really nice. I do like your passage and also the feet in the snow. And here this winter tree in the blue sky is beautiful. say hello for me to your cat and dog.
    Have a good week and thanhs for your visit and comment

  4. a nice blue sky - our snow has given over to rain and greyness - I just hope it won't freeze overnight.


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