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Thursday, February 26, 2009

My viola

It's my 200th post. I can hardly believe I've had enough stuff to show... Certainly it's been more interesting for me than my readers! The good news is that I'm learning every day, and I've met some very wonderful people. I'm looking forward to my next 200. I think my first lesson learnt is that I've forgot how much I stay inside in the cold months. Need to schedule some time to go get some photos...

For my 200th, I present my old, comfortable, scratched up viola. I love this old girl to bits - my teacher gave it to me, back when I could never have afforded my own instrument. A viola is held under the chin like a violin, but it's a fifth lower in pitch. If you imagine hearing gypsies playing in a movie, that's probably a viola. Sweet sounding, mellow. The viola isn't typically a solo instrument, although there have been a few very famous artists. The viola is an ensemble instrument. We don't just make the music: we make the music better!


  1. Big congratulations. I tried posted the other day but blogger was being a pain.


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