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Monday, June 28, 2010


Walking along the Cowhorn Creek, looking for critters. Frogs mostly, but fish, crayfish and the occasional duck are also attractions down here. Dad is a bad influence, because I walk on fallen logs looking for hidey-holes and it isn't long before the little one starts walking along trees that have fallen in the creek itself. He's smarter than I am though - he has a walking stick!

Balance is everything in life.


  1. Wonderful childhood summer shot. I still like looking for critters!

  2. "Balance is everything in life."
    I agree. But not on a log, I hope. I'm sure to topple over.

    Lovely photo of your son. When he grows up, this is one he will look on with nostalgic fondness.

  3. Sometimes kids are amazingly wise. This looks and sounds like a great place to explore.


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