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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


A little while ago, I posted a weekend reflection photo of a frog. Here is one of his compatriots, close-up.

My young one loves animals and never resists the temptation to examine one up close. This beautiful specimen was humanely captured, jubilantly examined, photographed for posterity, given a name ('Hoppy') and put back gently into the shallows. When released, the frog swam one kick and hung out to see what would happen next.

We were all happy that he didn't feel stressed out.

We're keeping our eyes open for tadpoles!


  1. He is a fabulous fellow. Love the light on him.

  2. I love frogs so your picture was awesome to see. He looks huge!

  3. Lucky you got a frog... we used to have a toad as a permanent "co-tenant" in our house in Phuket ;-)

  4. hadda jump(pun) over here to take a closer look. good one! can almost fell the little feller.





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