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Thursday, June 3, 2010


The roses simply burst open! One day, they were all buds, and the next, in riotous bloom. They must like the recent heat we've been having!


  1. Lovely! I bet they smell wonderful too!

  2. Great depth of field and composition here!

    Yes, same thing here : the roses were all buds last weekend and they're in spectacular bloom today !

    Thanks for your visit in Avignon

  3. I love your macros. The rose is so perfect, it seems to be unreal.

  4. Composition, color, framing. All done so well.

  5. So pretty! I hope the roses around my area get to be so nice looking soon. With all the rain we have been getting, they are just beaten and ugly. Thanks for the bit of beauty!

    Hood Photo Blog

  6. Well done, Buck. And I love the peony, too...excellent work.

    Thanks for stopping by Ocala DP and commenting. Much appreciated!


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