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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hans Groot's Kill

Don't be alarmed at the name! 'kill' is a Dutch word meaning creek or stream. Schenectady was settled by the Dutch in the 1600s, so we have quite a few Dutch place names.

This stream flows through the grounds of Union College. I couldn't find an old enough map to see where it originally flowed. Today, its source and terminus are covered over by the city. All that's exposed is a small bit to the north and east of the college. The stream is part of Jackson's Garden, but I wasn't quite far enough west to be there. This was taken just off of Lenox Rd. There isn't any real access, no parking or anything, just an embankment next to the bridge that carries Lenox Rd over the Kill, worn by decades of people walking down to this vale.

James at Newtown Daily Photo runs a theme called Weekend Reflections. Around a hundred photo bloggers post a photo containing a reflection; beautiful work. Click the link and go see!

the Kill is. and below is a close-up:
I was going to embed a Google map, but Google have done something and I can't get an embed link. Computers are supposed to make our lives easier, right?

This is the Google map:

I used Jing to capture the image of the Google map and add the arrows, so you can see where the stream hides among the trees. It reappears on the other (left) side of the parking lot, into Jackson's Garden.


  1. I love learning the origin of names.

  2. Looks like a shallow water but very clear. Beautiful "kill". Thanks for sharing. I learned one Dutch word today.


  3. Very neat learning about this spot!Nice shot.

  4. Very informative post. The kill looks like a perfect place for reflection and to reflect. Hope you had a great weekend.


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