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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lake George

This is the lower end of Lake George as seen from the ramparts of Fort William Henry, in the village of Lake George, NY. It's pretty typical of a summer day on the lake, hot, hazy and tourists parasailing.

This is probably the tourist spot for the eastern half of the Adirondacks. Million Dollar Beach, boat rides - the Lake George Steamship Company operates a paddle-wheel steamboat named Minne-Ha-Ha! Minnehaha is the lover of Longfellow's fictional Hiawatha. There was a real Hiawatha, and he co-founded the Iroquois League, centred mostly here in upstate NY.


  1. I lived in Niagara Falls for a while and i couldn't believe how hot it got up there in the summer.

  2. How's the water, in case the para-sailors end up missing the landing? ;-)


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