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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nona Hendryx in Central Park

More accurately, the crowd listening to Nona Hendryx. Central Park has a summer music series at the Music Haven, which is what this informal amphitheater is called. There's a stage for the musicians, and the people sit on the hillside. There is some seating (in actual seats!) close to the stage for those who arrive early.

I would have gone round he front for a photo of the singer, but we were walking the dog, and she wasn't too interested in moving closer to the loudspeakers! Since the dog weighs a hundred pounds, when she decides she's moving off, we generally move with her!

Nona still has an awesome voice, wow.


  1. About 17 years ago when we were living in Singapore, we went to the US, and we walked in Central park. People asked if we felt safe. Your photo show a lot of people there, so it must be safe.

    Your dog must be keeping you very fit.

  2. Concerts in Central Park... the common folks summer alternative to the Hamptons ;-P


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