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Monday, August 11, 2008

Great Escape

Took the little one up to the Great Escape / Splashwater Kingdom up in Lake George. There's been an amusement park there since I was a boy - back then, it was called Storytown, USA. Located in a wooded area off NY route 9 just south of Lake George, there's something there for just about every age range.

It's currently a Six Flags affiliate, which means more 'thrill' type rides, and more teenagers. Why not? They have the money... Anyway, in and among the big name rides are a few remnants of the old Storytown. There are the Swan Boats, the train, Alice in Wonderland, the tram and this lovely old swing ride. Very gentle, one goes round in a circle and centrifugal force gently pushes one out to the side. Perfect for the young and the young at heart!


  1. Great perspective. You can photograph kids with impunity in Schenectady?

  2. Many parents had cameras at the park, and no one made mention of restrictions. In any event, the children I photographed are 'incidental' to taking a photo of my own...


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