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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Toad in the yard

Bufo americanus, the Eastern American Toad. These guys are found all over New York, even in the city.

The little guy has a friend down the street who caught two and decided to share one with us! He's in an old, unused fish tank (with moss, grass and sand) for the night, but we plan to release him into our garden in the morning.

They eat bugs, which is a Very Good Thing in my opinion! He ate two grasshoppers this evening...

To take this photo, I put him on my knee and used the flash. I rather like the dark background. The flash didn't seem to bother him as much as quick movements did.


  1. Oh, I like toads too but I don't want to put one on my kneee even for a good photo and even if our French toads seem smaller...!

  2. This is really impressive. Any professional would be proud of this, believe me. our insincts were spot on, that black background really lights up the toad. Excellent.


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