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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mont Pleasant Family Festival

Monday, the 4th was the 2nd Annual Mont Pleasant Family Festival, held at the Orchard St Park. This is the neighbourhood where I grew up, and it was a bit strange to see it as an adult. The Fraternal Order of Eagles has a barbeque, the United Way and the Literary Task Force of Schenectady County sponsored the many free items (books, do-it-yourself ice cream, several fun 'science' experiments and more, Ruth Pelham and the Music Mobile were here as well as the Capital District Community Gardens Veggie Mobile. Also, Graceway Ministries brought a bus with puppet shows and Schwann's Ice Cream brought a truck with free treats and some 'for sale' items, with proceeds going to United Way.

This photo is of Ruth Pelham. She's leading an impromptu band of 'cardboard box guitars' made by the children out of cardboard boxes that soda cans are delivered in and rubber bands. She pre-cut a hole for the sound box, and has the children use the cut-out circle to create the guitar bridge. Then they colour them and have a concert with their completed instruments. Not only can they be played as guitars; flip them over and they double as drums, too!

Ruth rocks! It was nice to see the good turnout.

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