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Monday, September 21, 2009

Apple picking

Sunday was glorious, weather-wise. Warm but not hot, clear blue sky - not easy to find hereabouts at any time of the year, but on a mid-September weekend? We thought it a good day to go apple picking.

We don't normally go to Indian Ladder, but they have more than just orchards. They have animals, pony rides, a sand pit play area, the usual 'country store', wagon rides and... cider doughnuts!

The number of people standing in line to get a dozen (that was the limit!) fresh made cider doughnuts was astounding. I'd guess it was about a half an hour;s wait - there were at least 200 people in that line.

This photo is a bit less stressful. This is a view of the orchard looking toward the Helderberg Mountains. Although not tall by conventional standards (a bit more than 1000 feet above sea level) they are quite a bit higher than the valley here, and there are some beautiful overlooks up there.

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  1. The view is beautiful and it sounds like you all had a wonderful day!


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