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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shelving Rock

This photo is over a week old. Not last Sunday, but the Sunday before that, I walked downtown to the Greenmarket. It's a gathering (for lack of a better word) of local farmers and food makers (jam, jelly, honey, muesli - that sort of thing). I got some local cheese (yum!), a bottle of Hudson-Chatham Winery's 2007 Riesling (dry, but fruity - the folks there are very happy to let you try a sample) and some muesli from the very nice lady from Mu Mu Muesli (another case where the sample sells the food!)

I probably bought more stuff but it's all eaten by now, so I can't remember it all. One thing I do remember is the music: a pair of musicians were set up under a canopy and they played some really great music. They call themselves Shelving Rock and I spent the better part of an hour in the front row listening to them. Bought a CD, too. They're very free-form, which is all too rare these days. Sometimes I couldn't tell who was riffing off of who. Too cool! Best of luck in everything you do, guys, and thanks for playing for us!

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