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Friday, September 18, 2009

Skywatch Friday

Fridays, many people post photos of their skies. It's called Skywatch Friday. Thanks to Babooshka for getting me hooked :-) Click on the link to see the wondrous photographs from round the world.

This isn't from today and it isn't from Schenectady. Last weekend I was up on Mt Greylock, MA for a ham radio contest. Greylock is 3491 feet above sea level and we often see 'skies' like this one.

The structure here is the Veteran's War Memorial. Built on the highest point in Massachusetts in 1931-1932 as 'a tribute to courage, endurance, loyalty and self-sacrifice wherever these qualities have been shown by Massachusetts men and women in the uniform of the state or nation.' I'm standing about 200 paces from it here.


  1. The enshrouded shape of the Veterans' War Memorial looks somewhat like a soldier standing at attention...very apropos. I'm glad you wrote out what the tribute says...nice.

  2. great picture and great post. I love this shot.

    happy SWF


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