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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Civil War monument

While remembering the start of WWII I was drawn to reflect on all the other conflicts that have passed through history. Schenectady has been fortunate in that we haven't had hostile action on our soil since the early settlement days in 1690 or so. But we've sent men off to the wars.

The city has set aside a small sliver of land at the base of State Street hill, at Lafayette St to remember those men. It's now called Veteran's Park There are monuments there for most of the conflicts the United States has been involved in. Arguably the worst was the Civil War - North against South, brother against brother.

This monument remembers a different Civil War battle on each face. I chose Gettysburg because of Lincoln's speech commemorating the Gettysburg cemetery.


  1. If all humanity are supposed to be brothers, then all kinds of wars, battles and conflicts are tragic. I like these monuments because they serve as reminders, but I hope for the day when we will never need new ones.

  2. Funny I found your blog through a link on Clueless in Boston. I'm an Amsterdam, NY native now living in Western Mass. Enjoying your view of my old 'neck of the woods'. ~Jeanne


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