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Sunday, October 4, 2009


This is Rosie, the Scottish Highland cow. She lives at Indian Ladder Farm, a short drive from my house. Although I live in the city proper, I don't have to travel very far to be in genuine farm country, whether it be fruit trees, corn fields or dairy cows. Really, upstate is mostly farm land interspersed with cities along the major rivers (Hudson and Mohawk) and highways (NY State Thruway and Adirondack Northway.) Once off those major thoroughfares, it's pretty rural.

If you're up at Indian Ladder, Rosie is behind a double fence because of those long horns. The folks there don't want you to get accidentally poked as Rosie looks round. She likes apples and will lean in tight if you scratch her under her eyes and on her neck. Very friendly, is Rosie!


  1. Rosie says"Moooooooooove over"!

  2. It's nice to know that she's friendly. Imagine if she weren't!

    Many, many thanks for your concern for us last week, Buck! I really appreciate it! Please continue pulling for all of us in the region — so many disasters one after the other!


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