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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Indoor jungle

Every spring we plant a garden, and every spring we put in herbs. Every autumn, I dig up what's left of the herbs and bring them indoors in the usually forlorn hope of having them last through the winter. My wife, bless her, puts up with this mental aberration and endures pots of plants on counters, radiators and window sills for a few months until they can be moved outside once more.

I was petting the dog and looked up to see this pot with the ceiling light behind it and was struck by the resemblance to what my imagination thinks a jungle looks like. Bear in mind that it's either white or grey outside, so my imagination might be forgiven for being... meagre.

The plants are lemon grass (which is doing quite well) and pineapple basil, which is getting tall and leggy like so many plants do indoors.

1 comment:

  1. Tall and spindly... perfect.

    You mean all plants aren't like that?


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