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Friday, March 12, 2010

Skywatch Friday

This Skywatch Friday I decided to try something a little different. My camera is an older model, and it takes a long time between the moment I press the shutter release (can I still call it that?) and the moment it captures the image. So my framing of moving objects is less than stellar! So this time, I decided to track the object and not look through the viewfinder... So the tree is blurry but the plane is OK. Trade-offs...

The aircraft is the venerable C-130 Hercules cargo plane. We see quite a lot of these planes here because the New York Air National Guard 109th Airlift wing operates from an air base right across the river in Scotia. The 109th has a very unique mission. They help support and supply the scientific research teams in the Antarctic as well as missions to Greenland. They have a special model of the Hercules that has skis installed as well as wheels! Unfortunately, the one plane I managed to capture on film doesn't have them.

A very interesting plane and a very interesting mission.


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    This is the link to the plane that might be the same model. It flew over the chicken house and scared the daylights out of my wife as she thought it would crash into the oak tree.


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