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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Operation Free

The big dog and I went for a walk, and downtown, in Veteran's Park, a rostrum was set up. Typically, there are very few people there this time of the year, and it was a blustery day, but today several men - obviously veterans - were milling about. Then, this bus pulled up.

It turns out that it's a group of veterans who want to free the US from dependence on foreign oil. An interesting coalition to say the least! They have a web site at Operation Free.

I think they're just getting started. Congressman Paul Tonko made a speech to a handful of veterans, myself and the dog. She's a good listener. I wish them success in their efforts. They need more advertising, because no one was here and neither the Congressman's web site nor the Operation Free web site mention the bus stopping in Schenectady.

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