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Friday, September 5, 2008

Airport art gallery

Larry Kagan manipulates tangled masses of steel into meticulously wrought linear constructions that reveal surprising images when strategically lit. Kagan's seemingly simple combination of metal and shadow yields the illusion of an object that is at once convincingly present, yet nowhere to be actually seen. The incongruity between the sculptural form and its shadow is mystifying and presented with all the finesse and apparent effortlessness of a magician's performance.

So reads the card next to this amazing sculpture.

Schenectady has a small local airport, but passenger traffic goes through the Albany International Airport. I had to see someone off today, and so had the opportunity to visit the art gallery on the second floor. Local artists are displayed here, and it's worth the trip to see the talent our area has.

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  1. Interesting again, and the way you have captured that with the shadow is perfect


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