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Monday, September 1, 2008

Theme Day: Sister City

It's Theme Day for the City Daily Photo blogs!
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Photograph by B. Boevink. Used with permission.

Schenectady, NY's sister city is Nijkerk, The Netherlands because the founder of our city, Arent Van Curler, was born there in 1620. Today there are almost 39,000 people in Nijkerk, compared to almost 62,000 in Schenectady. There's a construction boom in Nijkerk compared to here - over 200 new houses built in 2005. That may not seem like a lot, but imagine trying to find 'new' land in a place that's been around since 1413!

Nijkerk is a bit far for me to travel to get a photograph, so I browsed Flickr, looking for photographs in and around the city. Mr Boevink was kind enough to let me use his photo of his new house under construction for theme day. I pondered a bit on what sort of photo I wanted to use; there are many wonderful photos of beautiful Dutch girls in traditional costumes, windmills, clog shoes... but I thought I'd rather use a bit of actual city life as it's happening right now.

Looking at the photo, I can see our designation as sister cities is more than a mere formality. My brothers and sisters in Nijkerk have the same weather I have here! I hope this doesn't slow construction... When I saw the houses in the background, I was struck with the similarity to some of our houses here in Schenectady. I know it's crazy to compare a photo of a single house in Nijkerk to a photo of a single house in Schenectady, but the theme is 'Sister cities' and so I hope I'll be forgiven for deliberately looking for similarities!

It was a very interesting exercise to look through various web sites about Nijkerk and read up on the goings-on there. It was very interesting to see how similar the two cities are, even in 'mundane' matters like a growth plan; thinking about how the city will look in ten, twenty or even a hundred years from now. Even our weather seems similar, although we get more snow than Nijkerk does...

Looking through Google Earth, I see there's a lovely fountain in the centre of the city:

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For comparison, a similar view of the smaller fountain at the centre of Schenectady:

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Many thanks to Mr Boevink for sharing his photo of his house-to-be with us, and Groetjes (greetings) to all my brothers and sisters in Nijkerk!!

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  1. I like how you approached the theme, and it reminds me I need to make better use of Google Earth, as you have.

  2. A very comprehenssive indepth and certainly educational post on your sister city. You've done a marvellous job here with both images and info.

  3. Amazing what we discover when we research these things.


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