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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Low water

In the spring, the Mohawk River rises as the ice starts to break up. The loose ice jams up at the railroad bridge below this point and the water just builds up here. We're looking upstream here, toward Schenectady Community College and the Western Gateway Bridge.

As you can see, we're in no danger at the moment; the park where this is taken (Riverside Park) begins to flood at 223 feet, and starts getting into people's houses at 224.

The markings on the sign are height in feet above sea level. The National Weather Service has set the following guidelines for official flood stages:

Major Flood Stage:227
Moderate Flood Stage:225
Flood Stage:223
Action Stage:218
Normal Stage:213

Historical Crests

(1) 232.90 ft on 28 Mar 1914

(2) 229.20 ft on 19 Mar 1936

(3) 228.90 ft on 28 Mar 1913

(4) 228.00 ft on 20 Jan 1996

(5) 227.70 ft on 15 Mar 1929

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