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Monday, March 9, 2009

Ice cave

Not a very large ice cave, to be sure! This is the remnant of the snow bank in front of my house. The water has eroded a tunnel through it; a very common sight. It takes a very tall snow bank to support a tunnel this wide though (it's about a yard / 1 metre across.)

I had a hard time deciding whether to show this or not. I see these things all the time, but there are people who haven't. When I took this, I knelt down on the kerb, put my head and camera down into the tunnel and snapped off a few shots. It's quite bright although it doesn't seem that way in the photo, and my camera isn't an SLR, so there's some parallax between the view I got through the eyepiece and what the lens captured. It was too bright to see the LCD, so I didn't know how I did until I got inside. Almost like shooting with film again!

Anyway, the melting snow all along the street is providing plenty of water to keep these supplied. Another week or so and these snowbanks will be only a memory. Spring comes quickly!

One other thing: I had some difficulty with the title. I love Babooshka's continuing series called 'Odd Shots.' I think this is a candidate for that title!


  1. This is fantastic! A scenery I'm not familiar with.

  2. o wow that is marvellous - needs to be seen in full to be appreciated.


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