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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Skunk cabbage melting its way through the snow

Not processed; this is what the camera saw. I went walking through Vale again, and found a patch of snow with a baby skunk cabbage just melting through to the surface. You can see how the plant made a little bubble of warmth under the snow. The plant itself hasn't reached the top of the snow, but it was warm enough to melt the snow above it.

It looks like a vignette, doesn't it?


  1. Nice shot of the skunk cabbage. That is something I have not seen in years. I also liked your post yesterday of the oak leaf.

    I just reopened my hawks blog. Blogger saved the name for me. I have four photos up so far and a hundred or more to go. If you are interested:

  2. Great shot - with clarity of this nature you don't need to do any post-processing.


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