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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This is another early spring flower, a snowdrop. I have only one in my garden; to be honest, I'm not really sure how it got there. I planted several dozen bulbs over the years, but the squirrels dig them up and eat them! Now, instead of a well-ordered garden, I have a patchy assortment of now-random flowers. It makes for pleasant surprises when they come up though!

This particular flower is no taller than 6 inches (15cm). To take this picture, I had to put the camera on the ground and hope for the best. The lens is directly under the flower. I thought I got my head far enough out of the frame, but I can see I spoilt it. Another lesson learnt!


  1. That's funny, I posted an upside down picture of snowdrops on "my other blog" but they don't look the same!

  2. This is gorgeous. You are one of the blogs I will be mentioning over the next week or so. High time you classy photography was not a few of us bloggers well kept secret.

  3. Well our friend near Versailles notes that this may not be a snowdrop after all. I think she's right and I need to go do some research!


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