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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fire engine

This is a photo of one of the ladder trucks belonging to the Schenectady Fire Department. They were in the neighbourhood yesterday because there was a fire in a neighbour's house. It was a kitchen fire, and everyone is safe but the fire fighters took every precaution, sending the ladder truck as well as the pump truck.

They never rolled out the hoses, using hand held fire extinguishers to put it out - the neighbour called before it got out of hand, thank heaven.

This is a photo of the ladder truck negotiating the corner on their way back to the station.

Bless everyone who fights fires.


  1. Way cool shot, I love American fire trucks. I'm glad no one was hurt. Have a good Sunday!

  2. seen firemen on three occassions since I moved house - none involved a real fire - the last alarm was caused by someone spraying "air freshner" near a "smoke alarm"!


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