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Monday, April 13, 2009

First snake

The six year-old was thrilled to find the first snake of spring. This fellow (lady?) was sunning in the leaves on the side of the path. He didn't mind being picked up for all to see. Got petted, ogled then released safely back to his habitat before he could get stressed.

We always called these snakes garter snakes, but after looking up garter snakes, it seems it's such a broad category that ANY snake could be a garter snake! All I can tell you is that his head is about the size of my thumb and he wasn't remotely inclined to bite me. I was calm and peaceful though, so I didn't stress him.

Nature and her lessons are everywhere; even in the middle of the city!


  1. We have a lot of snakes in our yard, too...and a lot of young 'un's lately...I think they're harmless...

  2. Eek. Since I can't tell a harmless snake from a poisonous one, I won't ever get near one, much less pick it up! Great capture, though!

  3. brave dude! we live above a petshop. they've got snakes up the cahoot. the one thing that we really like about snakes is that they eat mice. in fact, this is their best selling point.

    o'course our other living-space which we share with snakes, aside from the ones at the zoo, are the Buskers who walk around with Boas around their necks when the warm weather arrives.

    (both the scaly-type and the feathered-type; the former are shy, the latter not so much)

    anyhoo, lovely picture . . . :-)

    thank you for the post.



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