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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My hands. Sunburnt. I own a motorcycle, and Sunday I rode from my house to my son in Connecticut. Forgot my gloves. It was a beautiful, warm sunny day. You can see where the wind blew my jacket sleeves up my wrists. They were burnt when I got there - 3 and a half hours riding. The watch band shielded my left wrist and now it looks pretty funny.

Of course, once there, we rode round for another couple of hours which didn't help the sun burn heal. Not that smart but it doesn't hurt. My wife says that only higher-developed organisms can feel pain. I think she's right :-)

We rode to the Devil's Hopyard, which is a very interesting place. Crazy geography with steep hills and deep valleys all jammed together. A nice stream and waterfall, all covered in forest that seemed like it was there for ten thousand years. Why the place has this name is apparently a mystery, which suits the spirit of the place very well.


  1. Eek. Hope it heals well and doesn't peel off in chunks. Happened to me once on my thighs and it looked like a map!

  2. Ouch and ouch. That has got to be uncomfortable.

  3. ouchie oochie ahchee - I hope you heal without blisters


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