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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This stone reminds me of the standing stones in the UK, or Brittany. Of course it wasn't erected by Druids, but it's still a mystery. I asked around, but no one seems to know the meaning of this marker, standing askew on Nott Terrace, below the museum. It's right next to the ALCO locomotive.

Schenectady International
, maybe?


  1. That is "Milepost 1" for the old Troy & Schenectady Railroad. It later became part of the NYC, Then the PC only to be absorbed into Conrail in '76. The branchline was officailly abandoned in May 1984 but it really didn't see traffic since the early 1970's.

    Because it had a nice Right-Of-Way (ROW) next to the ALCO plant, AlCO use to test a lot of the locos on the tracks. The T&S tracks were hardly used after the closure of the ALCO works in 1969.

    Hope this help.

  2. Very interesting bit of local history, thanks Mark! Gives me more to research...


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