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Monday, July 21, 2008

Sparrow on roof

I was playing with my little one and he decided to take the video camera outside to video some ants. Well, why not? Electrons are cheap!

In the course of setting the camera up for him I saw some sparrows flitting between the garage roof and the ground, where they were taking a sand bath. It turns out the video camera can take still photos too, and this is the best of the lot.

We see many of these little guys, along with robins, starlings and pigeons. Nearby, in the cemetery, are herons and red-tailed hawks.


  1. what a cute fellow he is. He even seems to be posing. I am a sucker for a bird shot, I take so many. His face is sweet

  2. My goodness! What a coincidence!
    RAMSEY DAILY PHOTO Thankfully your siskin is OK.


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