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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Today saw many of the local news organisations in our neighbourhood. The newspaper was the first to arrive, after them, the television crews. A man was shot and killed last night. Police are still investigating, but the man wasn't apparently from this neighbourhood. Drugs, a love affair gone wrong, mistaken identity, who knows?

It is a strange thing to be interviewed by the police and stranger still by the news organisations. I had no desire to go on camera in order to answer the stock questions, and no one seemed interested in trying to understand the history of the neighbourhood, how we have good people and bad like anywhere else, how we haven't as much money as some areas but we work to make it a better place just the same. We have our share of petty crime, but murder... no. Yes, I heard the shots in the night; so did the dogs, no I'm not happy about it but some things are out of one's control.

It is the city's first homicide of 2010. I hope it's the last.


  1. good shot of the newshounds - they'll no doubt spout platitudes about the area having no idea about the realities of place - you'll probably be described as "a place in shock".

  2. you are right, some things cannot be helped. Must be a weird sensation though.


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